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Yes! I am having my very own Thank God It’s Over Party here with a, well, a glass of water and what’s left of the chocolate, but screw that, the point is it is OVER!

I crossed the finishing line by 24 words and that’s good enough for me. That fifty-thou added to the already existing 20K of the draft (yes, yes, I’m a rebel) gives me a nice base for revising.
First it needs an ending. I just got to the point when they start to figure out who the murderer is and BAM it’s over. And honestly, I’m too tired to care right now. I’ll get to it once my energy bar is a bit fuller again 😀

Here’s my badge of honour and this year it’s 8-bit! I want to cry a little when I look at it because it’s the proof that I can stop typing like crazy for a day or two.


Congrats to all fellow NaNoers! Whether you win or not, you are awesome! See you again next year 🙂


When circumstances out of your control force you to live with someone whose mind follows no known path of human logic…


Holy shit, it’s a madhouse in here.

Happy Halloween!

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It’s about two o’clock on Halloween night,  I’m watching horror movies and eating the candy I was supposed to save for tomorrow.
I hope you are having a Spooktacular Halloween! (sorry about that)

Maybe I’ll just leave the puns to Dean Pelton?


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Tumblr Link

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I forgot! I’m also over on Tumblr where I do nothing writerly, just collect lots of funny stuff that makes me laugh.

But be warned, I’m not very high-brow. There will be curse words. (How naughty.)