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Alex Westhaven’s horror-themed Month O’Screams kicks off tomorrow, the 1st of October.  There will be prizes, discounts, author interviews, free short fiction, articles and lots of cool, scary folks your mother warned you about.

Stay tuned for links!

In honor of Month O’Screams and the upcoming birthday of Ikaros Crux, I’m offering the first book in my dark Victorian Gaslight Fantasy series ALL THINGS UNHOLY: An Ikaros Crux Novel for 99 cents for the entire month of October!

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords: $0.99 until 1st of November.ATU cover for blog 3


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And when I want to post silly pictures of my cat, I’ll do it right here. Like this:

buffylaser1Cats with friggin’ lasers on their heads!

Ok, so I caved and finally uploaded to Smashwords. I may have been gritting my teeth, but I did it. Reason being, I can’t stand the meatgrinder (that’s their uploading program. Yes, they call it that.) and I was in a less-than-happy place in general, so it was not one of my Top 10 moments.

But I can’t argue with the benefits Smashwords has and that most (if not all) other places lack. Like making something free with the push of a button, thank you very much. You gotta love that. I’ve been trying to make The Dark Song go permafree at Amazon for days and nothing.  And Smashword coupons, they rock.

Now, without further ado and kvetching, the update:

All Things Unholy, the first novel of the Ikaros Crux series, is now available on Smashwords and also many other places (check the post below. Not Abed, although he is awesome. Two posts further. You got it.)

Oh, alright then. Here are the links if you can’t help yourself and just HAVE TO buy my book right now (I’m doing the Jedi mind control thing. Is it working?)

Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Apple, and Smashwords

THE FREEBIE: While you’re browsing, download ‘The Dark Song’, a dark-whimsical-urban-short-faerystory.
It’s free everywhere that’s NOT Amazon or Barnes & Noble, because, apparently, that’s not how they roll.
Click the above links and you should also see the freebie and be able to download it.

Hey guys, another bit of publishing news.

The first book of my Ikaros Crux Series, ALL THINGS UNHOLY is out on Kindle right now. Get it while it’s hot.

ATU cover for blog 3It is the Fall of 1890, and there is a serial murderer on the loose in the sprawling city of Fabler.

Ripping through the dark underbelly of the city, the killer leaves a trail of bodies with evidence of religious rituals.

The police are looking for a mortal. Ikaros Crux knows better.

Crux is nearly sober and on the hunt through the rainy, fog-filled streets, searching for the thing that killed his friend.

Together with an accidental medium, Viola van Wyk, he fights to solve the mystery of the murders while dodging the new Detective Inspector, and finds the truth might be more dangerous than even he suspected.

Available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and (soon) iBookstore.


“In January, the moderators of Holly’s Forum approached her with the idea of an anthology. With the 5th anniversary of “How to Think Sideways” drawing nearer, it seemed a good idea to match the release date with the anniversary. Holly agreed to the idea and even added a monetary price for the top stories. After a very, very difficult selection process, we settled on thirty-five stories. It’s a pity we couldn’t take them all. The scores were so close, we had lengthy discussions and finally went five stories over the 30 story limit we had planned.

With the stories selected and in Holly’s hands to pick a winner, we are proudly presenting to you:

The Adventure of Creation

The Think Sideways Anthology #1 presented by Holly Lisle


35 marvelous short stories by gifted new writers

Follow a girl to the Below-World to slay the Sharkshadow, or help a timid girl to overcome the destructive criticism of her art teacher. Witness a solitary drone on Mars or a naive homunculus struggle to become human. Sew with a mother who lost her daughter in a unicorn quilt, defeat bank robbing super-villains with an unlikely superhero, or join a great mage in the fire.

In thirty-five imaginative stories, emerging authors present the diversity of their creativity. Each author found a different angle for the unifying theme: The Adventure of Creation. Witness the talent nurtured by writing teacher, Holly Lisle. For the 5th anniversary of her first big writing course, How to Think Sideways, this anthology features the best of her talented students in a great variety of genres.

The eBook and print book will be released on the 24th of July. Help us spread the word. If the Anthology is successful, we might do another one next year.”

(wink, nod) P.S. Please also find included between the covers a story by Yours Truly. (/wink, nod)

A very exciting bit of news for me: my short story The Dark Song went live today on

It’s Urban Fantasy featuring a guitarist and some fae-like creatures (with sharp teeth, remember), it’s a little under 9,000 words and available in every format Smashwords offers for 99 cents.

In case you want to take a look, here’s the cover/blurb and link:

India, a struggling musician, buys the house of her dreams in the countryside, knowing that this is where she’ll find her lost inspiration. But soon she finds the house is already inhabited by strange creatures who disappear when you look at them, and the townsfolk refuse to put one foot inside the cursed place.

India never knew inspiration could be such a dangerous thing.

Clicking the cover takes you to Smashwords where you can read a sample (and if you feel so inclined, to buy it. If you do, bless you.)

The parental rating is for 17 and up because of a few swearwords and small stuff like that. It’s nothing really but I thought it might be better to play it safe. (UPDATE: I thought about it some more and removed the parental rating. 17 and up seems a bit excessive.)

Now I can finally concentrate on revising my novel and writing some new stuff. Hey that reminds me, NaNoWriMo’11 is right around the corner. I’m going for it! Who’s with me? Come on, let’s get a chant going. 🙂

So, I’ve been researching ebook formats and formatting for two days, tried about, oh three ways of doing it, two of which made me say “WHAT!” repeatedly and one (I’m looking at you Scrivener-Beta for Windows) that didn’t have all the necessary bits and bobs.  I’m not mad, Scrivener, you know I love you.

After a minor burn-out when I felt all the hope of a balloon in a room full of cacti, I finally asked myself if I was going to let this one thing stop me from getting this story published so I could move the *bleep* on to writing more stuff?  So I dug in my heels and my stubborness paid off.  I found something that worked. I’ve spent the whole day today converting my manuscript in XHTML.

Wow, is it painful and slow. But strangely this XHTML coded version seems to make the most sense to me. I actually almost understand what I’m doing, which is no mean feat for someone as computer illiterate as me.

In case you’re interested, I found a very helpful tutorial from Paul Salvette. If I can follow his instructions, so can you.

That said, I would probably not use this method (at least with the skill set I have at the moment) for full length novels, because it would make me jump out of the window.


It isn’t high enough to kill me, but it would annoy me to no end because I would probably land in some nettles and then have to walk all the way around the house to get back in.

I’m annoyed enough.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the time my novel revision is done and I’ve typed everything up and want to turn it into an ebook, I can either afford to pay someone to do it for me, or at least have that neat conversion thing the Scrivener for Mac has (yes, I’m jealous).

I have so much admiration towards all you coders out there. You who make my favourite software and my favourite games, I salute you.